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Car Insurance
Through this insurance, the owner of a vehicle transfers the risks that the vehicle may suffer to an insurance company, so that it guarantees the value of the loss due to damage or theft.
Auto insurance coverage options
Standard or customize your own coverage to suit your needs and budget. If your budget is tight and you need to meet the state’s minimum requirements, or you’re looking for the best possible auto insurance coverage.
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Need help choosing the right coverage? You can contact one of our professional agents today to discuss the auto insurance coverage that best suits your needs. We are here to help!
How do I get a quote for affordable car insurance?
SENIC makes it easy to get a free quote online or you can also call our office to speak to one of our agents. You can customize your own auto insurance coverage or choose one of our standard options. We want to make sure you can find a rate within your budget that protects your vehicle. Here are some things you will need to gather ahead of time: * Driver: We will need to know the insured drivers of the vehicles. Get the name, date of birth, license number, and other information required for each driver. * Car: year, make, model and vehicle number of the vehicle to be insured. * Insurance: all information from the most recent insurer (if applicable).

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Choose the type of insurance you want from our website and send your information for a professional evaluation


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Our agents come to you and take care of the entire process.


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Access our insurance services and enjoy complete coverage.

Welcome to SENIC Insurance Group, your trusted leader in Florida insurance. With a proven track record of providing quality protection, superior customer service, and competitive rates, we stand out among Florida insurance agencies. Our commitment to educating and guiding clients ensures you make the right decisions for your insurance needs.

Choose SENIC Insurance Group for:

  • Quality protection across auto, home, business, life, health, and annuity products.
  • Superior customer service and personalized attention to your insurance concerns.
  • Competitive rates that offer value and peace of mind for your protection needs.

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